How to Clean your Menstrual Cup

Suds and duds... your cup
cleaning do's and don’ts


Cleaning your UltuCup properly will prolong the life of your cup and is essential for your sensitive anatomy. Inspect your cup regularly–if you notice any signs of deterioration, please replace your cup immediately.

Before using your UltuCup for the first time

  1. Read and follow the starter guide.
  2. Before insertion, thoroughly wash your hands and the menstrual cup for 60-90 seconds with warm water using a mild, unscented soap.
  3. Actively relax.

Many users choose to boil their cups before or after their period. You may boil the cup for 5-10 minutes in an open pot with plenty of water. Do not leave the boiling pot unattended. Do not let your cup touch the sides or the bottom of the pot as this may burn your cup. Let your UltuCup cool down completely before use.

Caring for your UltuCup during your period

Clean the UltuCup a minimum of 2-3 times daily with mild, unscented soap and warm water. The tiny holes located below the rim must always be kept clean and clear of debris. To do this gently stretch each hole under warm running water to remove any debris. At the beginning of your next cycle, thoroughly wash your cup before use.

When cleaning your cup do not use harsh chemicals, scented soap, antibacterial soap, dish soap, hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, pre-moistened wipes, vinegar, oil-based soap, castile/peppermint soap, or tea tree oil as these may damage the silicone and cause irritation.

Storing your UltuCup

Store your clean and dry cup in the cotton storage bag provided. Do not store the UltuCup in a plastic bag or airtight container.


Your menstrual cup may slightly, naturally, discolor over time. This does not impact its functionality. Inspect your cup regularly for signs of deterioration such as sticky or powdery film, severe discoloration, or odor. If your cup shows any signs of deterioration we recommend replacing it. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide when to replace the cup.

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