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    4 Reasons Why UltuCup Helps You Sleep Better

    1. Going ghost!

    UltuCup is so comfortable, you won’t even know it’s there! 3 Custom sizes give UltuCup a personalized fit that provides extreme comfort for a great night’s sleep. No, you aren’t being ghosted–it was designed to be so comfortable you can’t feel a thing.

    2. No leaks allowed!

    If wetness from leaks is keeping you wide awake, UltuCup seals your flow and helps you stay dry all night long. We know you dream of period care that lasts through the night – UltuCup is your dream come true.

    3. Eases TSS Nightmares

    Having bad dreams about leaving in your tampon too long? 12 hours of healthy period protection that drastically lowers your risk of TSS comes only from UltuCup! Don’t lose sleep over tampons–they aren’t worth the hassle.

    4. Your sheets will thank you!

    Blood stains are hard to get out. Like, really hard. At UltuCup, we know the best method for treating period stains is prevention! Unless it’s Halloween, we’re guessing you prefer your Pajamas and sheets without blood stains, so we’re here to help you with that.