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    5 Reasons Why Your Yoga Practice Needs UltuCup

    1. Nama-stay in place during every pose

    Stretch to better fit your yoga practice, not your period care! 3 different sizes and a flexible silicone design give UltuCup a custom fit that stays in place through each downward dog, dancer’s pose, and everything in between. UltuCup fits you, not the other way around!

    2. Don't have to remember to keep extras in your bag

    Yoga mat? Check. Water? Got it. Tampons? Never again. You have enough on your mind on your way to class, you shouldn’t have to remember to bring extra tampons. Wear UltuCup out the door, and you’ll never forget proper period care!

    3. Spend more on classes, not period care

    With the extra money you’ll save, we see lots and lots of extra yoga classes in your future. UltuCup’s reusable design lets you ditch pricey trips to the drugstore.Get period care to last you years and years for the cost of 3 boxes of tampons!

    4. In support of the yoga philosophy of oneness

    Yoga is a practice of shared healing. UltuCup helps you support your body and your planet together. Tampons generate 200,000 tons of waste yearly, while toxic shock syndrome and other tampon-related infections carry a 50% rate of fatality. At UltuCup, we know that each and every being we can help counts, and that by helping the planet, we are directly helping ourselves.

    5. Just as in yoga, we care about your health too

    UltuCup’s 100% medical-grade silicone design was made by health professionals. Tampons expose the inside of your body to bleach and other harsh chemicals used to treat the cotton. Make risky period care a thing of the past!