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Welcome to your most Comfortable Period. And the world's most sustainable cup.

12 hours at a time

While sleeping, scuba diving, climbing Everest, or playing tackle football.


Sustainable every step of the way. Compostable packaging and inks.

Cost Effective

Menstrual care that won’t bleed your budget. Rinse. Wash. Repeat. Reusable.

Happy Vaginas

Healthier Periods, PH Balanced, no dryness, TSS or bleached tampons here.

Premium Silicone

Super soft 100% Medical Grade Silicon. Free from BPA, latex, rubber, plastic, bad stuff.

Scare of Commitment?

3 Cycle money back guarantee. Want to break up? We’ll understand.

Our Love is Local

We help bridge the financial needs of people you know.

Made in America

100% made in American by people who care.

You'll never go back to tampons!

  • Wear for 12 hours without worrying about leaks or spills
  • Made from 100% medical grade silicone.
  • Easy to use, wash, and reuse.
  • Vagina-friendly. Healthier pH balanced periods.
  • Less waste than pads and tampons.
  • Less risk of TSS than tampons.

Conforms To Your Body

Our medical-grade silicone is softer and more flexible so it contours to your body and lasts up to 1 year.

Easy To Grip

Long stems can trigger irritation throughout the day. Our shorter, rounded ball stem is easy to grip.

Follow Your Flow

Our measurement marks allow you to track your flow so you know if your period is changing and coming to an end.

1,317 five-star reviews


Love my Ultu cup! It’s comfortable and easy to reach and remove.