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UltuCup - Comfortable Menstrual Cup

The World's Most Sustainable Menstrual Cup

1322 total reviews

  • Wear comfortably for up to 12 hours!
  • Super soft & made from 100% medical grade silicone
  • Free of BPA, latex, rubber, plastic, bad stuff

Product Description

UltuCup is an easy-to-use, ultra comfortable reusable menstrual cup. Save money, waste less, and go all day with one super soft cup.

Product Details

UltuCup comes in three size options and can be reused for 12 months or more. Made with 100% medical-grade silicone and free of toxic ingredients, UltuCup is the go-to choice for healthier periods.


UltuCup is free of the bad stuff so that you can have a more comfortable period. It’s simple to use and comfortable, so you can go up to 12 hours without skipping a beat. UltuCup is also the most sustainable menstrual cup on the market. Good for you, good for the planet.

How to Use

UltuCup is simple to use. Just boil and wash, fold, and insert. Remove, wash, and reuse. No more fussing with applicators or figuring out where to dispose of plastic wrap. It couldn’t be more convenient if it tried (and we tried).


Questions are normal. Visit our FAQ section to get answers and find out why UltuCup is the most comfortable, convenient option for your period. But don’t stress: if you don’t love it, you get your money back after just three cycles.
  • Free Shipping
  • 3 Cycle Money-Back Guarantee
  • Wear all day all night
  • FSA/HAS Eligible
  • Reusable up to 10 years
  • FDA Registered

Made in America

100% Made in America by people who care

Money-back Guarantee

3-cycle money back guarantee

Cost Effective

Reusable for years = saving you $$$


Home compostable packaging

How to Use

Boil + Wash

Before first use clean your UltuCup in boiling water for 5-10 mins and thoroughly wash your hands.


Fold your soft and flexible silicone cup for easy insertion. The U-Fold and Push Down Fold are both great options.


Relax your vaginal muscles and insert the menstrual cup into the vagina, aiming it horizontally towards your tailbone.

Remove, Rinse, Repeat

Thoroughly wash your hands, pinch the base of the cup and squeeze gently to release the seal. Empty, wash and reuse.

Customer Reviews
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    A must buy!

    I try to tell everyone how amazing this is so please do the same. I feel like more women should be sharing the UltuCup love. Tips for new users: Expect it to be messy... it is. It's not as messy as tampons but I'll let you find that out for yourself. It will take time to get used to it so don't give up until you've had a least two cycles with it. Wear black pants or bring an extra pair with you in case of accidents while you get used to it. Wear a liner of some sort because it does take some getting used to on the placement. If you feel it, it probably isn't in correctly. If you are creeped out by stains, wash it in cold water and that will reduce the staining. Sunlight will help reduce the staining if you get some. Also, don't panic if you are having issues removing it. It only makes the process harder and you get really sweaty and that's not a good look lol. On your heavier days, you may need to remove the cup sooner than 12 hours in. I do this on the second day and sometimes third day of my cycle so my cup doesn't runeth over. You don't want that, trust me. I hope this helps for those of you who are buy curious about UltuCup. I wish I had known about this years ago.


    Works, but hard to tell when it's full

    My first attempt inserting it was rather successful. When removing, the technique I found useful and not painful was to use my forefinger and thumb to reach midway on the base and then add the middle finger to create the U-shape similar to when I inserted it. I came home after 4 hours outside and as I was checking Amazon reviews, I felt some pain down there and the tip seemed to be pushing on to my jeans. I hurriedly went upstairs to my bathroom and as I was taking off my jeans, the cup was almost midway down. I will omit the graphic mess it created, but it felt quite similar to when my water broke. Same night, about almost 2 hours after I've washed and changed, I felt some wet stuff on my underwear. When I removed it while sitting in the toilet, the cup was again FULL! Lesson learned is on those super heavy days for me, wear a pad just in case.


    First Period with a Cup

    I just finished my first cycle with my UltuCup (which it's worth noting is my first menstrual cup ever). I was prepared for the learning curve that comes along with menstrual cups, so here are my pros and cons after my first full period using the cup: PROS: Pops open easily, required minimal fiddling to open up.-When it got it inserted correctly it did not leak, and even when I bungled the insertion, it leaked very little. -Eco friendly: UltuCup uses no plastic whatsoever and their package is compostable.-Easy to remove: I found that the suction broke cleanly and I only had one issue with spillage the first time I removed it (blessedly in my bathtub because I'm clumsy and figured better safe than blood on my bathroom rug).-Cleans up easily, I didn't find that it was difficult to clean any of the nooks and crannies. Cons:-I am not a previous tampon user (pads only before now), so I'm finding that the pressure from the cup is a little weird to get used to. I'm going to give it at least one more cycle and if the pressure is still uncomfortable I may switch to the Model 0 size. All said and done I'm definitely planning on giving this cup a second try next month. I know the learning curve with menstrual cups can be a bit steep, so I'm prepared to keep learning.


    Perfect low-waste solution!

    I've been examining my own routines and products and figuring out how to move closer to low/zero-waste. After looking at several menstrual cup options, I decided on the ultucup due to a combo of the low price and compostable package. I love this product!! It was way easier to learn to use than I expected and I'm hitting myself for not making the switch earlier! It's great to no longer have the expense of tampons and to not have to worry about changing my product halfway through the day. 10/10!


    Final feel fresh and comfortable during period