Reusable Bliss.
One Cup. One World.

UltuCup is made in America by people who care. Using only 100% Medical Grade Silicone, free of dyes, plastics, BPA, latex, rubber, coloring agents, glitter and bad stuff. In a 100% home compostable package.


Welcome to the world's most sustainable cup.
And your most Comfortable Period.

12 hours at a time

While sleeping, scuba diving, climbing Everest, or playing tackle football.


Sustainable every step of the way. Compostable packaging and inks.

Cost Effective

Menstrual care that won’t bleed your budget. Rinse. Wash. Repeat. Reusable.

Happy Vaginas

Healthier Periods, PH Balanced, no dryness, TSS or bleached tampons here.

Premium Silicone

Super soft 100% Medical Grade Silicone. Free from BPA, latex, rubber, plastic, bad stuff.

Scared of Commitment?

3 Cycle money back guarantee. Want to break up? We’ll understand.

Our Love is Local

We help bridge the financial needs of people you know.

Made in America

100% made in American by people who care.

A little birdie told me

1,317 five-star reviews


Love my Ultu cup! It’s comfortable and easy to reach and remove.



What model do I need? It’s just a number:

Truth is most people can probably wear any size cup but individual shapes, health conditions, pelvic floor strengths, menstrual flows and birthing histories all affect people differently. We use a guideline based on years of experience to help pick the right size for you, but it’s not an exact science.

Sensitive anatomy? Don’t worry all of our cups are made with 100% medical grade silicone and no coloring agents or dyes. We know cups shouldn’t have fun colours, swirls, glitter or nonsense.

UltuCup Model 0
UltuCup Model 0
UltuCup Model 0
UltuCup Model 0
UltuCup Model 0

UltuCup Model 0

For ages 18 and under, petite users, or if you have a lower cervix.
UltuCup Model 1
UltuCup Model 1
UltuCup Model 1
UltuCup Model 1
UltuCup Model 1

UltuCup Model 1

For ages 19-30 years, or if you have never given birth.
UltuCup Model 2
UltuCup Model 2
UltuCup Model 2
UltuCup Model 2
UltuCup Model 2

UltuCup Model 2

For ages 30+ or if you have given birth (vaginally or C-section).

Consciously Sourced

Truly consciously sourced production from our user guide to cup.


UltuCup® saves the average menstruator 250lbs of disposable products in a lifetime.

Clear Cup Clear Conscience

Sparkles and cute colors are great for unicorns. Not your body. Colour Free, dye free, 100% silicone.

Compostable thin packaging.
Less waste, more love.

Cardboard and recycling is so 90’s. When you buy a product packaged in Certified Compostable Films & Inks you can rest assured that your purchase will not harm the Earth.


Say goodbye to the feminine hygiene aisle

Spending money on unhealthy period care every month? Bleached, chemical filled tampons and pads bleeding you dry? Changing your tampon every time you go pee. Sleeping with a thick pad to avoid TSS.

Wear UltuCup 12 hours at a time leak free. No strings attached.



We get it, but practice makes perfect. Our tips and tricks will make using a cup easy as pie. Unless you don’t like pie. In that case it’ll be like riding a bike who doesn’t like bikes.


Do I look good in these jeans? and other FAQs.

New to cups? Have questions about size, inserting, removing. Welcome to our tell all.



The bloody truth.

The little beautiful cup that you insert in your body is made in America. Actually, made in the good old US of A. Many companies claim to be “made in America” because they assemble the final package in America or Canada. Yup, some of the biggest companies make their cups overseas and only package them in North America. It’s a tricky little loophole that we think is wrong. Time to find out the real bloody truth about your sustainable products.

*Registered with the FDA

*Approved by the Health Canada