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About UltuCup

What is the UltuCup made of?

The UltuCup is made from a simple ingredient – 100% premium medical grade grade silicone. The UltuCup is free from dyes, dioxins, BPA, phthalates, pesticides, chlorine and latex.

Where is UltuCup made?

Our powerful little cup is made in America of medical grade silicone.

Should you trim the stem?

  • UltuCup’s short solid stem is designed to be comfortable and easily cleaned.
  • You can trim the stem – only do so after trying the product, and only if you are sure you won’t need it.
  • Don’t trim the stem shorter than ¼ inch (0.64 cm) and never trim the stem while wearing the cup.
  • Note that cutting the stem completely will make removal more difficult.

How long will my UltuCup last?

  • Lifespan of the cup varies.
  • Your cup can last for years, however our recommended guideline is to replace your UltuCup once a year.
  • Inspect your cup regularly and replace if you see signs of deterioration such as sticky or powdery film, discoloration, odor, or you start to experience irritation
  • If you drop your cup in the toilet replace it

What is the quality like?

UltuCup is made from 100% premium medical grade grade silicone at an ISO certified facility. We are MDSAP Certified, FDA-registered, and certified by Health Canada and COFEPRIS. Health and well-being is always on our mind.

How soft is the cup?

The UltuCup is made of 100% medical grade grade silicone, making it a soft and flexible period care option. When inserted correctly, UltuCup’s flexible design opens gently against your vaginal walls and can’t be felt at all.

How easy is it to insert the cup?

Like learning how to use contact lenses, it might seem daunting at first, but before you know it, using your UltuCup will become effortless and natural. We recommend practicing using both fold methods to see which one works best for you.

Does it come in different colours?

Sparkles and bright colours are great for unicorns but NOT your body. Your menstrual cup is made from 100% medical grade silicone. It’s free of dyes, plastic, BPA, latex, rubber, and bad stuff.


What cup size should I choose?

  • UltuCup Model 0 perfect for beginners 18 years or younger or if you have a lower cervix.
  • UltuCup Model 1best suited for people who are 19-30 years old; who have never given birth (vaginally or by C-section).
  • UltuCup Model 2 is best for people over 30 years old or for those who have given birth (vaginally or by C-section).

Which UltuCup is better for a beginner?

The UltuCup Model 0 is designed for individuals with a lower cervix or those who feel that Model 1 is too long.

Model 0 has the same rim diameter as the Model 1, but is shorter in height.

We recommend the Model 0 for beginners, but some users may find Model 1 cup size to be preferable.

If I was pregnant but had a C-section, would you still recommend the larger size?

Based on the industry standard we would recommend purchasing a Model 2 for individuals who have delivered vaginally or by C-section.

We do understand that everyone’s anatomy is different and that our sizing guide may not reflect your individual needs.

Can I use the cup if I am a virgin?

Yes! UltuCup is ideal for menstruating people of all ages, shapes and experience levels.

In fact, you can start using a menstrual cup as soon as you get your period. You might need to practice a bit more in the beginning. While virginity is not an obstacle, the vaginal muscles are tighter and insertion can be a challenge until your body has adapted to accommodate the cup.

How do I know if I have a lower cervix?

Betcha never been asked your cervix height… but this is really important when using a menstrual cup! Knowing your cervix height will help you determine whether you need a Model 0, Model 1 or Model 2.

  1. Find a comfortable position that will allow you to easily reach your cervix. Try sitting on the toilet, putting one leg up on the edge of the bathtub or squatting.
  2. Make sure to wash your hands with soap and water.
  3. Insert your index finger into your vagina and slide it upward until you feel your cervix. Your cervix is the shape of a small doughnut and it feels a bit like the tip of your nose.
  4. Take note of how far your finger goes inside the vagina when you reach the cervix. It is important to consider the ‘knuckle rule’.

The Knuckle Rule

Low Cervix

If your fingertip can feel your cervix at the first knuckle or first bend in your finger inside your vagina, you have a low cervix. While our Model 0 is meant for a lower cervix, if you find your cervix at the first knuckle point, our UltuCup Model 0 may be too long to fit your needs. We recommend the UltuCup Model 0 if your fingertip can reach the cervix between the first knuckle and middle knuckle.

Medium Cervix

If your fingertip can feel your cervix when your 2nd knuckle is inside your vagina, or roughly half way up your finger, you have a medium or average height cervix. All model sizes are an option depending on age and if you have given birth vaginally or by C-section.

High Cervix

If your fingertip can feel your cervix when more than your 2nd or 3rd knuckle is inside the vagina or can barely reach your cervix, you have a high cervix. We recommend UltuCup Model 1 or Model 2 depending on age and if you have given birth vaginally or by C-section.

What are the size dimensions of an UltuCup?

Want to know the exact measurement of our cups or how much flow they can hold? Then check out this handy chart.

UltuCup Model 0

UltuCup Model 1

UltuCup Model 2

Flow Light to heavy Light to heavy Light to heavy

0.85 oz / 25ml

1 oz / 30 ml

1.35 oz / 40 ml

Full Height

2.37 in / 60 mm

2.75 in / 70 mm

2.75 in / 70 mm

Cup Height (no stem)

2.07 in / 52.5 mm

2.45 in / 62.2 mm

2.45 in / 62.2 mm

Stem Length

0.3 in / 7.6 mm

0.3 in / 7.6 mm

0.3 in / 7.6 mm

Rim Diameter

1.67 in / 42 mm

1.67 in / 42 mm

1.81 in / 46 mm

Insertion & Positioning (Fit)

Is my UltuCup positioned correctly?

When inserted properly, your UltuCup should be sensation-free and leak-free. If you are experiencing leakage or sensation while wearing your cup, adjust your insertion and placement methods until you feel comfortable.

How does it stay in?

UltuCup stays in place by creating a gentle seal to your vaginal walls.

Can I use lubricants?

We do not recommend the use of lubricants as over time they can deteriorate your cup. You can use water to help with insertion.

Do you take it out every time you have to urinate?

A menstrual cup is inserted into your vagina, not your urethra. The cup will neither catch, nor block your urinary flow.

Leaks and Spotting

Leaking is typically due to the cup not creating a proper seal or being positioned incorrectly. Using a different fold or placement height can ensure that your cup is inserted properly and sealing fully.

Help! I cannot insert my cup.

If you cannot insert your cup on the first try, take a deep breath and relax. Our pelvic muscles get tense just like we do, this can make insertion much more difficult.

Removal not going smoothly?

To successfully remove your cup reach for the stem and pull gently horizontally until you can firmly pinch the base of the cup. Squeeze the cup gently as this will release the seal and guide the cup outside your body.

If you cannot reach the stem or are unable to remove the cup easily it is important to stay relaxed. In a comfortable position, either standing, sitting on the toilet, or squatting with your buttocks resting on your heels, bear down in a series of gentle downward pushes with your abdominal/pelvic floor muscles (as if you are having a bowel movement). This will help your cup to naturally move downwards.

Note: If you are still unable to remove your UltuCup after 12 hours, seek medical attention from a healthcare professional. NEVER use anything but your fingers to remove your cup.

Care & Cleaning

How long can I wear my cup before emptying it?

You can wear your UltuCup for up to 12 consecutive hours.

How do I clean my cup?

To clean your UltuCup use mild, unscented soap and warm water*. Soaps created with harsh chemicals may cause your cup to deteriorate and cause internal irritation.

Tip: The tiny holes located below the rim of your UltuCup must stay clear at all times. To do this gently stretch each hole and hold it under warm water. *Do not use harsh chemicals, scented soap, antibacterial soap, dish soap, hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, pre-moistened wipes, vinegar, oil-based soap, castile/peppermint soap, or tea tree oil.

How do I clean my cup in a public restroom?

If you cannot wash your cup with soap and water, wash your hands thoroughly before entering the stall, empty the contents in the toilet and simply use a dry or damp tissue to clean the cup. At the next convenient time, clean the cup as instructed.

Can I boil my cup?

Before your first use you must boil your cup for 5-10 minutes in an open pot with plenty of water. We recommend boiling your cup between periods. Do not leave the boiling pot unattended.

Why is my cup discolored?

Your menstrual cup may discolor over time, this is normal and will not impact its functionality. If the cup becomes stained or does not come clean, replace your cup.

What if my cup falls in the toilet!?

Unfortunately, we don’t recommend using your UltuCup if you have dropped the cup in the toilet replace it.

Where should I store my UltuCup?

Store your clean and dry cup in the cotton storage bag provided. Do not store the UltuCup in a plastic bag or airtight container.

Lifestyle & Health

Can I use the UltuCup during sports and activities?

The UltuCup was designed to move with your body, so you can do any sports or activities you would normally do.

Can I swim while wearing my UltuCup?

UltuCup is a perfect option for swimming during your period. The UltuCup forms a seal that creates a barrier between you and the water. No absorption of chemicals or bacteria and no unwanted soggy tampons.

Can I wear my UltuCup during sex?

That’s a no go. You will have to remove your cup before sex.

Can I sleep wearing my UltuCup?

Yes, you sure can. You can wear your UltuCup for up to 12 consecutive hours including overnight.

Can I wear my UltuCup with an IUD?

Using your UltuCup with an IUD should be no problem, please note that everyone’s bodies are different, learn about your IUD’s benefits and risks and consult with your doctor before use.

Can I get Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) from using a menstrual cup?

It is possible to get TSS from a menstrual cup, but highly unlikely. Unlike tampons, menstrual cups do not absorb menstrual fluid they collect it, so the risk of TSS is very small. To minimize the risk of TSS, always follow the care and cleaning directions. If you have previously been diagnosed with TSS, we recommend that you don’t use a menstrual cup.

Can I wear an UltuCup if I have a latex allergy?

Of course! The UltuCup is made of 100% premium medical grade silicone.

What if I have a high, low, or tilted cervix?

  • High Cervix: If you have a high cervix, your cup may shift higher in the vaginal canal during wear. This is not a problem, as long as there is no leaking or discomfort.
  • Low cervix: Our Model 0 cup will be your most comfortable option.
  • Tilted/retroverted cervix: It may take some time to find the best angle for insertion.

Can you use a menstrual cup if you are a teenager?

Our Model 0 and Model 1 cups are great options for users that are just beginning to menstruate. UltuCup allows you to gain confidence and understand your body better.

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