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Ingredients are Important

At UltuCup we believe that a product is only as sustainable as all of its parts. That’s why we made it our mission to consider everything that goes into our product making the world’s most sustainable cup.

About Ultucup

About UltuCup?

Honesty       Impact Less       The Bloody Truth      Our Love is Local

“UltuCup -Because your health is our first priority!”


UltuCup answers the hard question of sustainability. Where does packaging, printing and assembly happen? UltuCup decided to not only provide a premium made in America menstrual cup, we minimized our packaging, ensured it was home recyclable, with no fancy colors or wasteful packaging.


Recyclable thin packaging. Less waste, more love.

Traditional menstrual care looks like this

The average person will produce 250lbs of disposal menstrual care in their lifetime. Tampons and pads are tested on animals, contain bleach, glue, pesticides, absorb your body’s natural moisture, disrupt your pH balance, and leave behind trace fibres.


The bloody truth.

The little beautiful cup that you insert in your body is made in America. Actually, made in the good old US of A. Many companies claim to be “made in America” because they assemble the final package in America or Canada. Yup, some of the biggest companies make their cups overseas and only package them in North America. It’s a tricky little loophole that we think is wrong. Time to find out the real bloody truth about your sustainable products.

Our Love is Local

Access to dignified basic rights is not only an issue in developing countries. Every day, girls you sit beside in class or ride the subway with avoid participating in sport or miss school because they can’t afford the basics.

We believe empowerment starts locally.

UltuCup provides support to organizations across North America that help bridge the gap. Increasing opportunity, gender equality and basic rights in our own backyard.

About Love is Local

Changing your community?

Reach out, we want to change it with you.

Welcome to your most sustainable period ever.

UltuCup Model 0
UltuCup Model 1
UltuCup Model 2

UltuCup – Model 0

For 18 years and younger or if you have a lower cervix

UltuCup – Model 1

For ages 19-30 years or if you have never given birth

UltuCup – Model 2

For ages 30+ or if you have given birth

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