Ingredients are Important

Consciously sourced production. American made cups. GOTS certified carrying pouch. Vegetable ink printing. True home compostable packaging. Together we can choose to do better.


Welcome to the world's most sustainable cup. And your most Comfortable Period.

12 hours at a time

While sleeping, scuba diving, climbing Everest, or playing tackle football.


Sustainable every step of the way. Compostable packaging and inks.

Cost Effective

Menstrual care that won’t bleed your budget. Rinse. Wash. Repeat. Reusable.

Happy Vaginas

Healthier Periods, PH Balanced, no dryness, TSS or bleached tampons here.

Premium Silicone

Super soft 100% Medical Grade Silicone. Free from BPA, latex, rubber, plastic, bad stuff.

Scared of Commitment?

3 Cycle money back guarantee. Want to break up? We’ll understand.

Our Love is Local

We help bridge the financial needs of people you know.

Made in America

100% made in American by people who care.

How we measure up

Period anxiety
Changing your pads or tampons again and again vs. UltuCup for up to 12 hours leak free.

Disposables putting you in the red
Disposables putting you in the red an ongoing expense vs. UltuCup a one time cost that lasts a whole year.

More trash yearly
240 single-use disposables vs. 1 resuable UltuCup.

Toxic Ingredients
Made with bleached synthetic fibers and toxins vs. UltuCup made of 100% Medical Grade Silicone.

All cups are not equal

We don’t know why some cups have hallow stems that trap bacteria or are made with pretty colors. We’ve designed our cup with a solid stem, sensation free shape, and without dyes or colorants. Using domestic production and 100% medical grade silicone. UltuCup is a MDSAP certified company.

1 Soft Rim + Smart Shape

Comfort rim and smart shape designed for a sensation free experience

2 Premium Materials

Ultra soft and flexible. Made in the USA by people who care with 100% medical grade silicone.

3 Soft Grip Rings

Soft and easy to grip rings for effortless removal

4 Solid Stem

Flexible solid stem for easy removal and simplified cleaning

Don’t be trashy

Traditional period products waste time, wallets and the environment. Tampons, pads, panty liners, applicators, wrappers, and packaging all add up. An average menstruator will use 250lbs of disposable period products in a lifetime.

Please judge this book by its cover

Time to call out those other cute cups. Trendy carboard tubes and fancy boxes are made overseas and shipped wasting fossil fuels. Boxes with plastic windows can’t be recycled. Carrying pouches sewn in third world countries aren’t morally accountable.

1 Package

Guilt free certified home compostable packaging. Made in Canada.

2 Carrying Bag

GOTS Certified textile. 100% American grown organic cotton. Sewn in North America.

3 UltuCup

Made from 100% medical grade silicone in the USA by people who care.

4 User Guide

Printed in the USA from post consumer recycled paper + vegetable inks.

Home compostable vs compostable

Same same but very different. Home compostable means your UltuCup packaging can go right next to your banana peels. You’re welcome! Compostable packaging requires a commercial composting facility, which are rare and never located near cities. Bad news.

90% of a Pad is Plastic

Traditional period care is packaged in plastic + plastic applicators + synthetic dyes + toxins + bleach. Using an UltuCup eliminates this waste.

Consciously Sourced
Truly consciously sourced production from our user guide to cup.

Less Waste
UltuCup saves 250lbs of disposable products in a lifetime.

Clear Cup Clear Conscience
Sparkles and cute colors are great for unicorns. Not your body. Colour Free, dye free, 100% silicon.

UltuCup Model 1
UltuCup Model 1
UltuCup Model 1
UltuCup Model 1
UltuCup Model 1

UltuCup Model 1

UltuCup Model 2
UltuCup Model 2
UltuCup Model 2
UltuCup Model 2
UltuCup Model 2

UltuCup Model 2

UltuCup Model 0
UltuCup Model 0
UltuCup Model 0
UltuCup Model 0
UltuCup Model 0

UltuCup Model 0



Don’t worry we’ve got you covered with our 3 Cycle Guarantee. If you’re not a fan after 3 periods we will refund your purchase period*

*THE FINE PRINT: Full refund on the cost of your cup. Shipping, handling and taxes not included.